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   *  Eceti, interview with James Gilliland,  Aired March 6, 2012.  You may have to click               March, 2012 or simply scroll down to March 6th. Or listen at the link above anytime after March 5 in the archives.  Or you can                   download it here starting anytime   
   *  Esoteric Action Radio. Sunday 4/30/12, 9pm Eastern, interview with Robert Pepino.
         You can hear it in the archives also. Click "Program Schedule" a the top, then click "Esoteric Action Radio". It's a very interesting
  *  The Whole Agenda,, Thurs. April 19, 2012, 9pm Phoenix time. With Robert Pepino.
  *  Connecting With The Light, Fri. April 6, 2012, with Michael Quinsey. 
         Michael has an excellent program!
  *  Care to Share with Annette Abend,  
         Taped March 24, 2012.
  *  Starseed Radio, With Sierra and Lavendar. Tue. March 20, 2012.
*  The Vinny Eastwood show, 
  Airs live Tue. Feb. 28, 2012, 6-8pm Eastern time. Available anytime in          the archives after that.

  *,   Interview with Regina of  Sometimes you can click 3-day free trial in a column on the right          then click "Radio" at the top and scroll to the Dec. 2011 interview to listen.   Conscious Media Network is one of the VERY BEST              places for fascinating and informative interviews. I highly suggest having a subscription there as a great gift to yourself to furhter              your education and be able to hear any topic anytime. There is also a link at the top to hear one free interview per day.  Regina's              interviews are excellent,  And a great way to learn and stay informed.

  *  Dresser After Dark,  recorded Jan. 3, 6:56pm EST.

  *  GrandDarkConspiracy Radio,  Radio program with Daniel Bautz that explores                  interesting and unusual topics.  Interview Dec. 5, 2011 7pm.

  * Unicus Radio,  Unicus radio interview with Robert Stanley.  Look for my name listed         on the right in white for the interview. from Nov. 3, 2011.

  *  New Year's Eve 2011, . 8-9pm Eastern time live on New Year's Eve          2011.

  *  Recorded live Sunday Nov. 20th, 2011, 11am-1pm Eastern            time.  Check for a recording of it at the link above.

  * Journey Into The Light,  Sunday October 31st, 2011. Find it in the archives on Journey Into the Light:    

  * Darkness Radio, Recorded from 10/27/11,

  * Laurie Denise Andrews program, Recorded 10/26/11, click "Alien and UFO Encounters".  This was a short interview limited      to a brief discussion of only these areas.

  * Antonia Lau, Sat. + Sun. 10/30 + 31/11, 7 pm Eastern at Click "Listen Live" at the upper               right.