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A Few Unusual Gemstone Experiences

I was thinking today about some of the most meaningful Gemstones to me, and a few surprising gemstone experiences came to mind.  For some reason my life has been filled with  the most incredible synchronities and experiences. I'll share these few Gemstone experiences with you.  Things and people that are meant to come into our lives have a way of showing up.

 My first gem experience was in 1969 or 1970 as a teenager.  They began selling Quartz pendants in shops, and of cource I was definitely wanted one.  And yet when I would look at them in the shops I got the strong message that this was not  'my' stone.  It was strange! But it was such a strong, though weird, message! And it went even further. It somehow gave me the impression that someday I would find 'my' stone.  That there was a certain quartz stone meant for me.

Over a decade went by. In 1984 I was living in Hawaii and over Easter I flew to California to take part in an unbelievable Healing workshop on a breath-taking hill called Paraiso Hot Springs. There is a chapter in my book describing that whole incredible weekend, with another image also. Anyway!  At this workshop there was a girl and a guy who lived hundreds of miles apart, yet they each wore a crystal that SO powerfully attracted me!  Each crystal pendant was very different, yet there was such an essence -- such a powerful quality about these crystals! I was so excited! And for the first time in 15 years I knew that I had at last found the source where I would get my crystal.

"Where did you get your crystal?!"  I asked the girl. "And who made it?!"  I can't tell you how excited I was and how eager I was for her answer.  But the reply I got baffled me.  It was like my spirit was soaring was hit with a brick wall.  She said that both crystals were made by an American Indian, and then she said that I couldn't get one made by him.  She explained that he lived in a remote reservation inside the Grand Canyon.  He had no phone and only occasionally he would bring a crystal to a random shop.  It could me in any city and any state. "You can't get one by him", she repeated.  

Yet the excitement was still so alive within me!  I knew that I had found the maker of my crystal at last, and that somehow I would get one made by this man.  She had told me his name at the time, but I no longer remember it.

When the workshop was over I went to San Francisco and spent the night with a cousin before flying back to Hawaii.  The next day when my cousin went to work I got out the phone book and looked in the yellow pages for crystal and rock shops.  At that time there were dozens, if not hundreds, of them in the San Francisco area!  Pages of them!  I remember being drawn to one shop in the upper center of the right side page.  I called them up and found out how to get there by bus.  It turned out to be kind of far away, and I had to transfer buses.

So I got out there and it was in an old western style little building that had a high false front.  The shop was set up like a jewelry store, and all the rocks were in locked cases. They were mostly larger gemstone rocks.  When I told the own I was looking for a Quartz pendant, I was blown away by his answer.  "Oh! We have no crystal pendants at all!" he said.  Why in the world didn't I ask him over the phone if he had any?!  I got all the way out there on my one day in San Francisco!  Bu I made the best of it and looked around at tall the lovely rocks before leaving to catch my bus.

On the way out I stopped one more time to look in a free-standing circular glass case.  In the center, on a tiny pedestal, was something I hadn't noticed before!  "Excuse me!" I called to the owner,  "I'd like to see something in this case please!"  I could hardly contain my excitement.  There before my eyes a small Quartz crystal set in gold.  The owner hurriedly came over, glances at the stone and says, "Oh that!  I forgot about that.  A little Indian guy left that a few days ago."

I stood there in amazement!  He said the name, and it was that guy!!!  It's the crystal above.  You can't really see it in this image, but this crystal has one large 7-sided face on the front. This is formation is known as a very special and rare time link crystal.

 Around 2012 in meditation I would "see" and feel myself holding a blue natural stone bar in my hands.  I always, by the way, hold different powerful gemstones in my hands when I meditate.  And actually also when I go to sleep.  I've gotten to the point that I wake up still holding them, and I've found that their energies affects my sleep and "dream life" (as my Steiner professor would call it).  Anyway! So I would see this blue bar in my hands and had no idea what it was.  For months I searched the net for blue stones to try to find what this deep translucent stone was.  I knew it was not sapphire. And it wasn't all the other blue stones I knew: Lapis, Aquamarine, Kyanite, or any other blue stone I found.

Then "by mistake" one day I came across Himalayan or Tibetan Kyanite, and I was amazed!  That WAS IT!!  The Kyanite I had always worked with for decades was from South America! It is a light opaque denim blue.  BUT!! Himalayan Kyanite has a deep blue translucent quality!!  So I ordered quite a few bars and then I also ordered both faceted stones and smooth cabochons to be able to wear them.

I have found that this Kyanite has an immensely high spiritual vibration.  For me anyway, it helps me to reach silence and to reach a very deep level in meditation.  As I stated on the top of my Gemstones and Meanings page, you will be able to tap into and use the innate qualities of stones when you develop the ability to "feel" their essence.  And you can begin to open this ability by reading about them, hearing accounts like mine, and using your imagination to begin to open this sense and receptive feeling in yourself.

To be continued.  More surprising accounts coming.