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Retreat At The Edge of Eternity
16" x 20" artwork by Kristen Ann

I'm now painting this image in Oil on a huge 5' x 4' canvas. That's Andromeda behind the colums at the upper left, and there really are nebual that look like eyes. I just exaggerated it in the center here. (If you'd like the large oil painting of this I'm working on to be yours, I could customize it for you if you'd like different galaxies or nebula etc.)
See more details below.

Done with professional Artist oil-type pencils and pastels from Europe.
Floor is symbolic of the evolution of human dna. Central colors symbolize activation of the upper chakras. The artwork really draws you in and out to the stars beyond the room.

The artwork is a tribute to the legends of Shamballa. It's known as the Masters' real retreat that exists on a finer plane or dimension and hovers over the Gobi desert area.  The book and film "Shangri-la" were based on legends of Shamballa.

I have a few - very limited signed edition of prints with mats - ready to frame. The photos of them didn't turn out well, but this will give you an idea of them. (In your mind substitute the image above inside the mats you see below.) They're stunning + beautiful in person.

This burgundy highlights the artwork nicely, as does the black ma.

Signed limited edition print in mat, ready for a frame. Shipped flat.
8x10" print in 11x14" Black single Mat: $22
8x10" print in 11x14" Burgundy single Mat: $22
This large size below is stunning and impressive. The image is 11"x14" in a double mat as seen in the first black mat above.     It measures 16"x20" in the mat and it's available in burgundy or black. Each is a double mat with black inner lining mat.
11"x14" print in 16"x20" Black double Mat: $33
11"x14" print in 16"x20" Burgundy double Mat: $33

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