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Sacred Space: 42" x 30" oil on canvas. The first in a series of
Sacred Space paintings.
A small edition of 25 Lithographs, signed and numbered:
11" x 15" image on 12" x 17" acid-free artist paper.  $25

Details of the Nebula etc. below.
Feel free to Contact me.  The original 4' x 3' framed oil on canvas is also available.

See links below to the actual NASA space images.  Also scroll down to see nebulas explained. Heartfelt thanks to all those who work on the NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day (apod) site. Your images inspire my artwork. 

               Sacred Space: an original 4' x 3' framed oil on canvas. I used actual nebula and galaxy images from the NASA website.  Descriptions followed by links to the NASA images that inspired them.  

1. Saturn

2. Horse Head Nebula

3. Star Cluster NGC 602 I love this wonderful star cluster with the "face" emerging on the right.  I just defined the face more in the painting.

4. Moon

5. Magnificent Andromeda

6. Comet

7. Swan Nebula

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