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The Hidden Truth
Revelations From an Enigmatic Life

Chapter 6, images 6a - 6l

                                               6a. Ahkenaten's daughters.                      6b. I believe this depicts Nefertiti.        6c. Long headdress for the skull.

6d. Syrian gods from a Coptic temple at Deir El Medina. Shown with the red balls. Ptah is the center figure.
6e. The vehicle on the wall facing the Syrian gods shown above.  Canoe, indicating that it's a vehicle, but with an exaggerated curve not seen in other Egyptian canoes. With a large dome and the red ball above it.  The paddles are resting in the holders on the left, an idication that they're not needed for travel.  The blue birds lining the upper right side of the canoe, and the flap hanging from it may indicate that flight was its mode of travel.  It stands on a platform with tripod legs.
6f. Ptah: blue skin, body suit, tank on his back.

NOTE:  6g, 6h + 6i below are in editions edited mid January, 2012.

 6g. The Goddess Hathor with her unique ears.           6h.  Hathor in her vehicle with the disk also on her head + maybe a control in her hands.
Right of this is possibly an early battery.  Something protruding from a vial, possibly of vinegar, which has been shown in experiments to give a charge creating a battery or light bulb. The red seems to indicate glowing with light.

    6i.  Light bulbs?  Serpents within indicate  energy. One held up by a Sirian god, one by a djed.        6j. Thoth: blue skin, writing on a tablet.

6k. and 6l. Two images showing Syrian gods with red balls above their heads. Ptah on the left, Thoth with Ankh and sacred rods of Initiation.

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