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Sacred Space

A Vast Quest

Images from chapter 6 continued: 6i - 6n

5i. Mysterious curved disk in the Cairo museum. Notice its futuristic curves where the disk was folded inward on the left and right. It's a very aerodynamic design, and suggests to me that it had a specific purpose which may have involved sound energy and/or sound healing or attunement.  The center holes seem to indicate that it was used with a rod or axel. The aerodynamic design seems to further indicate that it would spin at a high rate. Could it have been used for sound or "saser" frequencies, as Michael Tellinger spoke of?

5j. Flower of Life images on the granite walls of the Osirian temple which is being excavated behind the Seti I temple at Abydos. They appear to be laser-etched. in a highly technical geometric pattern.

5k. Flower of Life drawing from Leonardo Da Vinci's notes.   5l. 12 circles surrounding a 13th.

5n. The mysterious ancient wall of vehicles in the Seti I temple, Abydos.

5n. Saint Francis Church at Assissi 

Another view of the Assissi church. This is actually the view we saw as the bus rounded the mountain.

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