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The Hidden Secret
Revelations From an Enigmatic Life

Chapter 20

George McMullen holding an ancient Mayan artifact behind his home in Canada.

2,000 year old Mayan pottery bead artifact, center of necklace below.

(These details below may not interest anyone else, but I liked knowing about each bead or stone.  
I made the brushed cotton 'pillow' and it is all inside a carved teakwood box. The coin is to show size.)

Detail of necklace stones & beads, starting from center:

- 2,000 year old Mayan Pottery bead, bordered with:

- Lapis Laziuli slices: stone of Total Awareness + Wisdom. I had gotten them in Nepal.  They had come        from Afghanistan.

- Antiqued Copper beads are in between each stone. Copper both elevates frequencies/energies and
   also draws elevated frequencies to you. Used by ancient priests-priestesses and elders.

- Ancient petrified Pine Wood inlaid to form beads.

- Citrine square "pillows":  stone of abundant prosperity.

- Dark colored Agate ovals:  transforms negativities to positives.

- Orange Copal Amber I had gotten in the Himalayans of Nepal. Copal Amber is ancient petrified sap
   from tropical trees. Thousands to tens of thousands of years old.

- Native American more modern pottery beads, bordered by more Lapis Lazuli from Nepal.

- Pietersite from Australia. Related to Tiger Eye. Believed to be for visions + accessing Akashic Records.

- Round Horn beads from Africa: grounding

- Botswana Agate, banded black + white ovals:  furthers your quest toward Enlightenment.

- Red Carnelian barrels:  sharpens perceptions.

- Jasper: for adapting to situations.

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