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An Initiate’s Dream:
Thoth & An Age of Awakening

     unframed 18”x23” signed Lithograph on acid-free fine art paper

     $12 + $6 for shipping in a tube to US locations.

Please contact me for international shipping cost.

An origian oil painting.  This is the cover painting for the Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean which is sold at  Thoth is known as having taught the art of writing (heiroglyphics) to the Egyptians, which is why he is often shown with a writing instrument in his hand.  Thoth was a very enlightened man who was known as a miracle-worker.  Their term for this was another "m" word though.  He was known as a great magician.  He brought an awakening to mankind in ancient Egyptian times.  He was a counselor to kings (pharoahs) and was sometimes called "the witness" because he guided mankind yet he was often a silent observer to allow for free will.

Edgar Cayce said that Thoth was a previous life of Jesus.  This makes a lot of sense and you can see parallels between his life and the life of Jesus.  Thoth is seated on the Right Eye of Horus, which is a symbol of Wisdom and Awareness.  He is holding the sacred geometry form of a tetrahedron. In the apex is a "Seed of Life" symbol.  This symbol is a portion of the sacred symbol known as the "Flower of Life".  You'll find this described and shown in the Egyptian chapter in my book.  It is believed to be the form or gesture that all life originated from at the very beginning.

The Ankh cross on Thoth's arm is also called the "Key of LIfe", and was another powerful sacred symbol for the Egyptians.  One of the things it symbolizes is the union of divinity, shown by the vertical bar reaching upward toward divinity with the loop on top connecting back to unite with humanity, symbolized by the horizantal bar.  Thoth is believed to have been a great Initiate and a supporter or the "Law of One" or belief in one God.

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