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I designed these tapestry-like weavings the sunmmer of 1974 with rich natural materials. It was a "Fibers One" course at Ohio Univ. I walked into the room and was BLOWN away to find gorgeous unspun natural fibers that no one else was using because they didn't know what to do with them!  I worked independently at home, teaching myself, and developed this technique of weaving with thick unspun fibers in a way that would show their texture and depict scenes as if they were rich Rennaisance paintings. I hand-dyed unspun wool roving into hundreds of shades to get the painted effects.

 "Purana Ghatta" , which means "Ancient Home" in Sanskrit. 6'x4'

This photo was taken looking up. It was high up on a wall. This is the first one I had done.  I built a wooden frame to use as a loom, attaching a dowel that I antiqued at one end to hang the tapestry on as I wove it. I then shredded the rich, unspun fibers and hand-dyed some of them into hundreds of different shades.

All of the others were designed while I was living in the West. In Colorado, New Mexico and California.

"Pacific Sunset", 2' x 4'. After weaving one more 6' "Purana Ghatta II" on dowel rods with finials, I then wove the others on wooden frames which I wrapped in fiber. The frame then became part of the piece  -  making each sort of like a textured canvas that I sort of "painted" with rich, natural hand-dyed unspun fibers.

"Full Moon In The Highlands". This was an impressive 6' x 21" with a jute border and raw silk corner highlights. The interiors were all unspun natural fibers: wool, mohair, alpaca, Irish linen etc. etc.

Left, "Ship Rock".    Right: "Doorway In The Desert",  both 37" x 37".

Left, "Emerging Into The Dawn".  Right, "An Oriental Dream", both 37" x 37".


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