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An Initiate’s Dream:
Thoth & An Age of Awakening

     unframed 18”x23” signed Lithograph on acid-free fine art paper

     $12 + $3 for shipping in a tube

From an original oil painting that was used on the cover of “The Emerald Tablets of Thoth”*. He’s known as having taught the art of writing (hieroglyphs) to Egyptians, and for this reason he’s often shown with a pen in his hand. Thoth was a very great and wise man, revered for his knowledge. He was a counselor to kings and was sometimes called “the witness”, as he guided mankind yet was often a silent observer to allow for free will. He came during the eighteenth dynasty, an age when a great impulse for awakening arose. Thoth was a counselor to Akhenaten who, with Thoth, worked to bring this awakening impulse forward around 1500 B.C.

Many believe that it was under the advisement of Thoth that Akhenaten shook the Egyptian world by bringing back the ancient belief in One God.  Ideas that would nudge humanity toward an eventual awakening. It was also at this time that 12 more years were added to the training of the Initiate priests in the ancient Mystery Schools.  In the apex of this star-tetrahedron is part of a larger geometric image called the “flower of life”. This Flower Of Life image is found inscribed on the walls of an ancient temple at Abydos in Egypt.

The following paintings are oils on canvas that I painted while living in Hawaii in the mid 80s. They are for sale. Contact me for details. I'd also do commissioned work.




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